Brand Communication

Dossier Initial Bullet Points


Name of the bar:

  • To communicate the provenance (responding to macro-trend), people want to know where things came from and this already gives a consumer a perception of the bar as Swiss has a great reputation for their history and techniques
  • “Bliss” having a nice relaxing time, bar satisfies audiences want

Tag line “Mousse Swiss Roll”

  • Gives insight of what the actual bar is like, idea of what you will get. Mousse texture incorporated into a traditional swiss roll, this balances the tension of trust v.s experimental.

Logo (the slanted name)

  • The cursive font gives it more of a traditional feel but on the slant it creates a more modern, experimental sense.

Flavour range

  • The range of flavours are quite simple and classic as they are just 1 simple flavour that is covered in milk choc

Actual Chocolate design

  • Swirl design inside of the milk chocolate coating to represent a swiss roll
  • Mousse
  • Would the colours inside each bar be different? Or could we just say the choc is infused with the flavour


Packaging design

  • Crosses represent the swiss heritage
  • The slanted type and shapes balances the tensions of experimental and trust, is not fully pushing the boundaries of crossing the line as the compositions of each component are clear and easy to follow with the clear alignment
  • The pattern of crosses leads to the back of the packaging to the information. The pattern is also placed there because it curves over the chocolate bars shape creating a subtle swirl, reflecting the inside of the bar
  • Consistent composition throughout the entire range of flavours, just a simple change with the colours to distinguish the different flavours.

Packaging material

  • Same material as Moro (foil, shiny)
  • The price range of the bar sits around the average, giving target market a sense that the Swiss Bar is affordable but quality due to the provenance



  • A wobbler (the name of the flap thing loll) to catch the eye
  • Winning a trip to Swiss, this emphasizes our macro-trend further giving a consumer a chance to win a Swiss experience.
  • Also inclusion of the actual bar, additional information of what you will get inside of the packaging because it is not seen on the packaging itself but mentioned “mousse Swiss roll”


  • Quite a mature tone of voice from the packaging but still very straight forward.



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