Brand Communication

Point of Sale

We researched many ideas for our point of sale. We were thinking of creating a chocolate display that would hold the Swiss Bliss bars, a display that would replicate the actual look of the Swiss Bliss bar to swirl like slides that held the bars.

The final idea we decided on was creating a shelf wobbler. This is used to emphasise our macro-trend (provenance) where consumers could “Win a trip to Switzerland and immerse yourself in Swiss culture. Tour the Nestlé headquarters and discover the roots of Swiss chocolate enjoyed today in the iconic Swiss Bliss.” Due to positive Swiss chocolate reputation of being high-quality, this indicates a sense of trust and honesty towards the Swiss Bliss bar. The wobbler also includes same patterns and type to keep a consistent look and feel between the bar packaging and wobbler. The wobbler displays the look of the bar constructing a visual for consumers as that element is not visible on the bar packaging. The shelf wobbler pops out of the shelves to catch attention and eyes are drawn towards “Win” to capture the consumer’s attention longer and a reason to purchase/try the bar.

  • Red cross trim, light brown background used for the consistent look with the bar
  • Visual of the bar makes it ‘yum’
  • Image of Nestle headquarters and illustration of mountains to communicate what would be seen and experienced on the trip.

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