Brand Communication

Initial Designs for Swiss Bar

  Crit Feedback Horizontal Bar or Vertical? Displayed Horizontally in stores/dairy Contemporary shapes but less intense/little overwhelming Swiss cross at the top of bar/top end of bar Combine cross and swirl circle shapes Less ingredients Emphasis on swiss roll and mousse Make it more yum

Brand Communication

Week 9 | Design Prep

Info to put on Swiss Bar Design Name: Swiss Bar Brand name: Nestlé Grams in bar: 60g NET Patterns: Swirls, flavour illustration e.g. lemon, swiss flag white cross, Swiss patterns/embroidery,   Slogan? E.g. Crunchy Toffee Milk pieces in 5 roll refined creamy milk chocolate or a fistful of awesome, get more go Nutrition Information  … Continue reading Week 9 | Design Prep